02 November 2011

Dull Administration

Since it's been over a month since my last post, I feel some explanation is in order. Or a series of well-intentioned excuses, depending on your perspective.

First off, campaign development continues, though it's going on in the background, and I haven't posted anything about it. The reason is essentially my gamer ADD. The pendulum swing is going from S&W back to Chimera RPG, and I'm trying to better define my direction for each. The not-surprising or even mildly clever result is that Chimera stuff will remain on The Welsh Piper site, while S&W material will go here.

This wasn't as intuitive as it surely seems. My original goal for The Bastard's Blade was to use a zero-mod version of S&W Core and concentrate only on the setting itself. But I can't do it. The urge to tweak and house-rule is too strong to resist. So this space will include my S&W variant rules as well as actual campaign stuff.

My second excuse is that I've been at a sort of RPG crossroads lately, which I suspect is merely a desire for variety clashing with a lack of direction. I like S&W and I like Chimera. I'd like to expand both, but can do only one at a time. So when gamer ADD surfaces, I bounce between them and get very little actually accomplished. Or, worse yet, I engage in a project related to neither and nothing gets done.

Either way, the end result is that the Germanic Kingdoms aren't finished.

Reason the Third: work has been really busy. Like you-gotta-be-kidding-me busy. But it's also been interesting, in a love-my-job sort of way that, frankly, has averted significantly my reliance on gaming as an escape hatch from being a grown-up.

To recap: Less time has made me prioritize my gaming; The Bastard's Blade did not make it high on the list.

But, with better direction, as defined above, I can commit to more frequent posting here. They may be shorter and backed by less research, but I'll do my best to make them interesting and fun.

Next Up, some of the Germanic Kingdoms (really)
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